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Hummer Test, or How durable is laser tag equipment?
How durable is laser tag equipment?

21.03.2013: Vote: What would you say - shall we allow alcoholic drinks at laser tag sites?

Results (left to right):
- A : "For sure, yes: no alcohol - no laser tag!" (9,3%)
- B : "Occasionally (e.g., for some special events), alcohol can be allowed" (19,6%)
- C : "Low-alcohol drinks (e.g., beer) can be allowed" (16,61%)
- D : "I don't think it's a good idea, but if somebody wants - he/she may try..." (10,96%)
- E : "Absolutely no: alcohol should be totally banned at laser tags sites" (43,52%)

The poll has been conducted at TRUTNEE's (Russian section) in September 2010 - February, 2013. Total number of votes received - 301 (100%). Vote Format: single choice, one vote per one IP address.
(C) 2013 TRUTNEE Laser Tag Portal

18.09.2010: Vote: What features of outdoor laser tag are the most important for a player?

Results (left to right):
- A : "Max. fire range" (11.94%)
- B : "Variety of the adjustable game parameters (e.g., quantity of lives, game sounds, shields, etc.)" (20.90%)
- C : "Attractive design of the phasor" (22.39%)
- D : "Game parameters emulating the real firearm" (16.42%)
- E : "Phasors emulating different types of firearms (e.g., shotgun, pistol, etc.)" (20.90%)
- F : "Additional interactive game devices (e.g., medic box, ammo box, base station, etc.)" (7.46%)

The poll has been conducted at TRUTNEE's (Russian section) in July - September, 2010. Total number of votes received - 67 (100%). Vote Format: single choice, one vote per one IP address.
(C) 2010 TRUTNEE Laser Tag Portal / Background image: (C) 2009 Serena by BattleField Sports

17.07.2010: Vote: What do you think about international laser tag tournaments for regulars?

Results (left to right):
- A : "My attitude is rather negative; such tournaments make both the operator and the players sick" (1.61%)
- B : "Nobody needs them" (1.61%)
- C : "Don't care much" (3.23%)
- D : "They are for good for regulars only" (6.45%)
- E : "Great idea; can be interesting for all parties" (9.68%)
- F : "International tournaments are the must for laser tag community" (77.42%)

The poll has been conducted at TRUTNEE's (Russian section) in April - July, 2010. Total number of votes received - 62 (100%). Vote Format: single choice, one vote per one IP address.
(C) 2010 TRUTNEE Laser Tag Portal

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Laser Tag News & Comments


(Adopted translation from Russian)


- TRUTNEE: - Despite the fact that laser tag arena is probably an obligatory component of every successful FEC in western countries, still here in the former USSR laser tag is a new type of entertainment. How did the idea of opening a laser tag facility come to you? Was it a desire to provide visitors of your FEC with something innovative, or was it just your aspiration for providing every imaginable type of entertainment in your centre? And why have you chosen LaserMaxx equipment in particular?

- GIPERBOLOID: - Opening of laser tag arena in TERMINAL FEC was the result of our desire to provide our visitors with something unusual and very attractive, to get there something unique, thus attracting special interest of the visitors to our FEC. LaserMaxx equipment had been recommended by our business partners.

- TRUTNEE: - At present, the laser tag arena in your FEC is the largest one in the territory of the NIS and Baltic countries. Was it your true intension to open the largest arena, or was it just matching the free available space?

- GIPERBOLOID: - It’s not a secret that in such type of FEC as TERMINAL the main source of profit is the powerful tenantry. That’s why the size of the laser tag arena was caused by the free space available. Our architects have developed the principle maze plan. We used domestic labor to build the maze. Talking about profit we could have used the space occupied by the arena more efficiently, yet as I told before we needed something very special to attract the visitors; GIPERBOLOID laser tag arena is just matching this requirement.

- TRUTNEE: - The arena’s maze: when I was visiting your arena it made some odd impression on me. From one point of view I can swear you used the best materials while developing and constructing the maze (the quality of the maze is truly very high). From the other point of view introducing dynamic illumination instead of the “standard” laser tag UV-lighting and using unpainted maze walls looks as something extraordinary... Was it your true intension to stress the visitors’ attention on the game itself, but not on the concomitant decorations? I.e., you preferred to have some kind of sport-military variant of laser tag game instead of traditional one?

- GIPERBOLOID: - That’s true; we have preferred to make a stress on the very game of laser tag. The maze size, dynamic illumination and sound accompaniment give the visitors an extremely high level of adrenal adventure.

- TRUTNEE: - By the way, what type of floor covering is at your arena? Though it looks great, I’ve never seen anything alike at other laser tag arenas…

- GIPERBOLOID: - We use special covering on the basis of “Everol BSV” rubber. Usually this type of material is used at sport facilities.

- TRUTNEE: - There are no team targets (“team bases”) in the laser tag system installed at your arena, but additional interactive devices (“mines”) only. How do you think: doesn’t such approach somehow limit the attractiveness of LaserMaxx equipment from the point of view of the players? Don’t you think that use of team targets makes laser tag game more interesting?

- GIPERBOLOID: - From the point of view of our average visitor laser tag is still an exotic type of entertainment, and the absence of the team targets doesn’t make him/her less happy. Yet, I may agree that from the point of view of a regular player it will be better to have team bases.

- TRUTNEE: - What is your general impression about LaserMaxx equipment? Have you experienced any problems with it? How the technical assistance and service (warranty) maintenance is performed by the Manufacturer?

- GIPERBOLOID: - As an arena operator I can tell you that we have experienced no grand problems with this equipment. It’s true, from time to time we do have some minor troubles caused however not by the system’s defects but by the so-called human element. If any part is broken, we can replace it by ourselves. When we experience some more serious difficulties we can contact the Manufacturer without any problem.

- TRUTNEE: - What additional services the equipment’s Manufacturer has rendered to you? Are you receiving any marketing assistance (advertising materials, free personnel’s training, etc.) from their side?

- GIPERBOLOID: - Personnel’s training was rendered before the grand opening of the arena. We required no additional services since that time.

- TRUTNEE: - How many regular players teams do you have at present? What is the age of your average player?

- GIPERBOLOID: - Most of our players are novices. The average player is a teenager or a student. The age of the visitor is limited by the size of the vest.

- TRUTNEE: - Do you provide the regular players with special discounts and bonuses?

- GIPERBOLOID: - We are planning to introduce a special discount program for the regular visitors in the future.

- TRUTNEE: - Do you conduct any laser tag tournaments at your arena? If “yes’, what is the usual prize for the winner(s)?

- GIPERBOLOID: - We are planning to hold a special laser tag tournament in November. As a result of it, the best player and the best team will be determined.

- TRUTNEE: - How do you advertise your arena? Do you prefer to announce it in newspapers, or on TV, or by any other means of advertising?

- GIPERBOLOID: - We place our advertisements in newspapers and at the city posters.

- TRUTNEE: - Are you experiencing any competition from the side of other Kiev laser tag arenas? What is your attitude to multi-system tournament of Armageddon type? As an arena operator, do you have any interest in a multi-system laser tag tournament?

- GIPERBOLOID: - The competition level in Kiev is rather low, thus I don’t think it will be interesting to hold such tournament. Yet, it is possible I’m mistaking. I think we need to achieve a higher level of popularity and provide a more aggressive advertising policy, first.

- TRUTNEE: - Do you plan to introduce some non-standard options or services at your laser tag arena in the nearest time?

- GIPERBOLOID: - Yes, we are planning to introduce a “VIP” game mode, i.e. members of the team are to “protect” one particular player marked with a fluorescent bracelet (“VIP”). The team who’s “VIP” gets less shots during the game, wins.

- TRUTNEE: - Thank you for your answers!


Breaking news


February, 2013: - 25th Anniversary of the World's Longest Running Laser Tag Site - Laserforce Brisbane - was celebrated in Australia.

When Laserforce was first established by the Kelly brothers in 1988, many believed it was little more than a passing fad. Now 25 years on Laserforce has become a multinational success, with 120 sites world-wide using the Australian made technology. "It's amazing the technology we have now compared to what we had when we first started" - Founder, Len Kelly said.

The original arena in Brisbane Australia has a database of over 320,000 registered players and it is still growing ever more popular with the young and the older for family fun, kids and teen birthday parties, corporate events and professional league. Please, Read more »

:: Lasersport Ultimate Fighter Championship ::


October, 2012: - LSUFC - Lasersport Ultimate Fighter Championship - is seen as a "1 vs 1" laser tag duelling, a unique lasertag tournament that can parallel a boxing or MMA event.

The produced during the tournament video may contain a polished event feel much like a modern televised MMA/Boxing match. Match ups can be edited as a lead in to the event, statistics may be displayed, a referee will announce the fighters, intro music will be played, winners will be announced, etc.

What do you think of such type of event? The opinions of regular players, as well as operators, are badly required. Please, Read more »

:: LaserMaxx Virtual EVO 5 ::


November, 2011: - Dutch laser tag manufacturer - LaserMaxx - presents an on-line laser tag game simulator. The game is done in a very realistic manner and virtually simulates their EVO-5 version of the equipment. The virtual player has an option to chose one of 5 different arenas (at present time; looks like more layouts will be added soon) and and may fight against his/her virtual opponents. Also, the players will be able to create their own arena layouts of different types. The game simulates laser tag game VERY precisely, with all the obstacles, traps, lights, fog you can find at a real arena. The official release is expected in the nearest time.

:: Poligon 64 ::


September, 2011: - Russian laser tag manufacturer - Poligon 64 - developed and starts marketing of the wireless version of their outdoor equipment. Among the other features of the new version are: realistic sounds, use of two phasers simultaneously (the primary and auxiliary weapons), wireless 'phaser-sensor' connection, etc.

:: EAAPA ::


August, 2011: - The main topic of the latest issue of the published in Russia EAAPA magazine is the prepared by TRUTNEE.COM analytical survey devoted to laser tag industry. The survey provides the readers with the detailed and clear instructions on how to open their own laser tag facility.

EAAPA magazine is published by "Smile-Expo" (the organizer of the industry's biggest exhibition in Russia - ЕААРА) in co-operation with Russian Union for Pleasure Industry Associations (SAPIR/APLIA) and is distributed for free throughout the territory of Russian Federation and nearby countries. Available in Russian only.

:: Laser Tag Museum ::


July, 2011: - The opened in 2005 to general public non-commercial Laser Tag Museum in Louisville (USA) has accumulated many materials of the history of the world laser tag industry – from the very dawn of laser tag era and till the present time.

Yet, to make the full-scale presentation of the industry, even more materials are needed - especially the laser tag products that are predominantly in Europe and Asia: samples of the old laser tag equipment (such as Reflex, Pulsar, early Laser Quest, Q-Zar ver.1-4, etc.), cool laser tag t-shirts, membership cards, unique posters, old manuals, flyers, brochures, informational video tapes, pins, patches, bumper stickers and other related items.

We are addressing all the laser tag enthusiasts asking for their help in creating the true world’s laser tag display. If you can help – please, contact either the ILTA staff ( / +1 317-786-9755) or TRUTNEE Administration ( Your help will be much appreciated.

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