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Indoor laser tag systems in Russia. LSD Electronics

We, at, have been wondering how things with laser tag stand in Russia. There is no systematic information about Russian manufacturers in the Net. Therefore, no one can make up a clear, instructive and, what is more, true-to-life picture. We took this upon ourselves as we have long been monitoring the foreign segment of the market. Nevertheless, this time we decided to analyze the domestic production. We must be objective and consider all the advantages and disadvantages of Russian manufacturers. Moreover, we must introduce all important representatives on the domestic market. We conducted research in order to find out the main industry tendencies and compare the current state of home production with the same world-wide. So now we are eager to share our thoughts with the reader in a series of reviews.

:: Assessment Criteria ::

Objective assessment suggests a certain number of basic parameters. In our situation such parameters include the quality of gaming equipment, availability of the software and, certainly, the number of game playing arenas using a company’s game sets. Another important assessment factor is the manufacturer’s site and its group in social networking websites, as well as technical support quality.

:: LSD Electronics ::

:: Equipment Quality (5/10) ::

We have included this company in our list though it can be called indoor laser tag manufacturer rather conventionally. The company specializes in outdoor laser tag devices, and that explains the fact that their indoor equipment is also from this range. The product line features short barrel models: LSD Ingramm, LSD Uzi.


It should be noted that the pricing is relatively low: the starting set is available at 207,000 roubles.

One of the main features of indoor laser tag is low-light conditions, use of special paints and ultraviolet lights. LSD game sets are not transparent though, so their sphere of use implies a well-lighted layout. Otherwise, the players run the risk of being injured when playing a rather dynamic game.

The company does not manufacture indoor tactical vests. The vests demonstrated at the website are equipped with 8 hit sensors, Gamma fasteners and 1 power supply.

So, our final assessment of LSD equipment is 5 points. The company does not design special indoor weaponry, but positions their traditional outdoor gear as universal. Of course, you might use it as indoor equipment, but you should bear in mind the above-listed disadvantages.

:: Software (7/10) ::

The configurator is meant to set the weaponry settings. The players are allowed to choose the type of equipment, the rapidity of fire, the firing range, the number of chargers and cartridges. One of the advantages is on-line statistics. There is no need to read the statistics after the game, - the software gives an access to the game data right during the battle. The programme is available at the site and is free to download, - and it is really good news!

The interior services are rather simple. Some elements are difficult to find for a newbie. That is why, our final assessment of LSD software is 7 out of 10 points.

:: Official Site and Social Networks (5/10) ::

The site is rather easy to use, but seems a bit rough. Plenty of non-stylized hyperlinks and standard script spoil the general impression. The left hand slider has a rather annoying animation. The group in the social network “VKontakte” currently counts about three thousand users. The news feed is updated every 5-6 days. The stuff published can’t be called too serious. It mostly includes pictures or memes which have nothing to do with laser tag. So, LSD scores 5 out of 10 points for their site and group in the social networks.

:: Client map (6/10) ::

The partners’ list counts 90 clubs. Practically all club names are given with their links to the social networks, the club arsenal is listed. However, it is difficult to understand which clubs are indoor ones, - all equipment is universal. That’s why the company’s client map scores only 6 points.

:: Technical support (4/10) ::

We made a test phone call and tried to enquire about the advantages of the indoor laser equipment. The manager was polite, though, he certainly seemed to lack some technical qualification. We made a request for the commercial offer but failed to get it. They have an on-line counselor at their site, so we consulted him a few hours later. The company employee promised to send all the materials by the end of the day. But we are still waiting for their business offer. 4 out of 10 for the technical support.

:: Conclusion::

With all their advantages, LSD company does not specialize in manufacturing of indoor laser tag equipment, does not even consider indoor laser tag as a separate line of development. Choosing this company as a business partner, you should make up your mind what kind of military arena you would like to have: a mere supplement to the main gaming activity or a full-fledged complex with all necessary facilities (proper illumination, a well-balanced gaming site and breath-taking scenarios). So, the editorial staff of our site gives only 5,4 points to LSD Electronics company.


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