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Indoor laser tag systems in Russia. Polygon-64

We continue the series of reviews where we give our assessment of indoor laser tag systems in Russia. This time we address the company “Polygon-64”, Saratov, Russia.

The producer positions the company as the leader of outdoor laser tag, has nothing to do with copyright of out-of-date western systems, uses up-to-date electronic technology. This text can be found in the company description. To be honest, the editorial board of our website came across the military arena of this producer by chance, as it is never mentioned at their official site, there are no links to it. A simple landing page found by browsers looks like this:

We made an attempt to find out what exactly this company manufactures. We made a test phone call, made a request for their commercial proposal. So now we are eager to share the results of our investigation.

:: Poligon-64 ::

:: Equipment Quality (7/10) ::

A military arena, as the producer understands it, should not look futuristic. The company stakes on patriotism growth, which is the result of the latest events and is due to attract potential customers. The producer does not think much of the arena in its usual appearance, considering it a thing from the past. MP-443 Grach (Yarygin pistol) and Uzi pistol are used as equipment here, tactical assault vests are used here as well.

Of course, it may be said that “Polygon” uses outdoor weapons. But the producer does not deny it. The use of pistols is more reasonable than the use of Uzi or LSD Ingramm. But the indoor conditions and absence of illumination make the safety system of the play rather doubtable. The combat vests are equipped with 6 hit sensors and a controller. The producer is able to integrate hit sensors into any vest. Of course, this vest cannot be put on and taken off quickly, it does not allow quick cleaning as well. Well, arena is an amusement, where the sooner gamers get changed the less money the club loses. After every game combat vests should be quickly cleaned, so that the next participants could get fresh and clean equipment. Should we mention, that the use of such vests does not allow it? 7 points out of 10 for the service quality.

:: Software (4/10) ::

The negative moment we noticed at once is that the software is seen as malware by antivirus programs. So installing it is quite risky. The first thing to be seen by the user is loads of information. The interface can hardly be called user-friendly. It is difficult to make head or tail of these options, parameters and items. The program window is not large enough for all the tabs, that is why you have to use additional functions in order to get to the window with necessary options. The program is available free. And this is undoubtedly an advantage. The window size is static, it cannot be adjusted to the full screen size. The print is small and inconvenient for reading. Our 4 out of 10.

:: Official site and social networks (7/10) ::


The site devoted to the arena itself is quite common and can be looked through within a couple of minutes. That is why its analysis is of no interest. The main resource looks compact and simple. The menus are at the top of the page and in its left part. Menu items are not overloaded with excessive animation, which is also an advantage. News feeds are dated. The news items are published within the interval of 7-10 days. The group in the social network “Vkontakte” counts about 1,000 people. It has come up in Google search results. There is no link to it on the main site. Or maybe it is hidden somewhere so well that all our editorial staff could not find it. But there are links to all friendly clubs in the section “Contacts”. 7 out of 10.

:: Client Map (5/10) ::

The clubs, which use this equipment, are not mentioned on the site devoted to the military arena. We decided to look for this information on the main site. It is not quite clear why Bashkortostan and Karelia are given separately. They are constituent regions of the Russian Federation. 45 clubs are mentioned in the list. It is good that there are many links to their sites and VK groups. But it is impossible to distinguish the clubs with indoor laser tag equipment. The list is quite general, no distinguishing features are mentioned. 5 out of 10.

:: Technical Support (5/10) ::

A polite manager answered the call. His qualified explanations were clear and easy to understand. No commercial proposal followed. There is no on-line consultant, Sales Department’s Skype never answered, Technical Support Department only answered our call in 30 minutes. Call-back form works neither at the official site nor at the arena site. We would like the process of interaction with the client to be much quicker. 5 out of 10.

:: Conclusion ::

The average number of points is 5.6. It is better than the result for LSD thanks to the correct military arena concept, qualified personnel and representation on the Internet. Of course, the final result might have been better, but the producer does not consider indoor laser tag as a separate line of development. Whatever story has been invented by “Polygon”, it is clear enough that indoor laser tag will never be equal to outdoor battlefield events.


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