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Indoor laser tag systems in Russia. Cybertag

Cybertag is a separate direction of indoor laser tag development realized by LASERWAR Company from Smolensk. The company specializes in manufacturing outdoor laser tag equipment. The manufacturer claims that their products differ from foreign samples in their availability, quality and price. Our editorial staff decided to find out whether it is true or not.

:: Cybertag ::

:: Equipment quality (8/10) ::

Their blaster has been created specially for indoor laser tag. The material of the gun body is polycarbonate. It is an enormous advantage of this equipment, as the use of this polymer has already become standard in laser tag industry. The gun has 4 hit sensors. You should use both hands while firing as far as there is a sensor for your second hand. The gun body is illuminated with bright light emitting diodes. They react to shooting, damage received and interaction with other devices.

The company chose the game set Eraser as a prototype for the blaster, and it is good because its size is not big. Our editorial staff was a bit discomfited by a projecting part of the gun. Thanks to skillfully made illumination this part of the gun body does not strike the eye. According to the manufacturer, the risk of being hurt is minimal. Let’s take their word for it.

The combat vest is equipped with 10 hit sensors. As it turned out afterwards, you may adjust hit zones with the help of special software, which is also an obvious advantage. Well thought-out hygienic system of the vest should also be noted. It is good that the company understands what their equipment is meant for. The inner side of the vest has a hygienic lining, which is air-permeable. It may be changed when necessary. It is really important, because the players will not have to put on the equipment with the “traces” of previous battles.

The sensors are round and compact; they are rationally placed all over the vest. The hits are signaled by means of lighting and doubled with short vibroindication. We have some doubts about the controller design, which is placed at the rear. If the manufacturer decided to use streamline forms, this technique should be used in all other elements as well. In general, we are satisfied with the equipment produced by this company. LASERWAR gets our 8 points because of the projecting tube and the squared shape of the controller. 

:: Software (8/10) ::

The program is available free on the company site. It is nice that the producer is not afraid of infringing the copyright by the business rivals. There you may also find system requirements to your software, a scheme of the main functions of the program with the most important elements signed. The design is pleasant to look at: excellent colour combination, all text elements are well seen against the black background. The program works a bit slowly when you move from one tab to another, so it may cause problems on some slow computers.

Perhaps this is just the problem of our computer and not the drawback of the program, because the system requirements of our computer are lower than those mentioned by the producer on the company site. In the “Video” section there is a setup instruction, so we had no problems with configuration. Only 8 points because of insignificant mistakes in tabs. 

:: Official site and social networks (7/10) ::

The site is colourful. You notice the work of designers. There is no unnecessary animation or useless information. It is not quite clear, though, why they have the button “Enter” instead of the usual and familiar “Register”. In order to register at the site, you should first press the button “Enter”, then choose the item “Have no account yet?”, and only after this operation you can start the procedure of registration. Don’t you think that the process is too complicated? Some pages have been definitely made in a hurry, so their design does not go with the general conception.

And some sections have not been completed yet. 

There is a link to social networks on the home page of the site. 

The VK group counts 129 subscribers, which is not bad, taking into consideration that Cybertag is so young. News feeds are updated every 5-7 days. It is good that the company uses the RSS news feeds, unavailable at the sites of other manufacturers. All the drawbacks mentioned above can be accounted for by a short term of Cybertag existence. 7 out of 10 for the site and social networks.

:: Client Map  (8/10) ::

There is a client map with clubs’ addresses and contacts. The colour scheme is rather contrasting, you can easily see where there are indoor arenas under Cybertag flags. This time we decided to check whether these clubs really exist and we phoned to Novosibirsk. The club “Laserforce” confirmed that they use the equipment produced by LASERWAR Company. For honesty and the client map our editorial staff gives 8 points.

:: Technical Support  (9/10) ::

The manager is polite. As soon as he learnt that we are interested in indoor laser tag, he switched us to the specialist, who knows everything about it. The manager gave us lots of information on technical details, specific features of equipment, the clubs, working with this equipment. He was tactful, speaking about other companies. The telephone conversation was immediately followed by the commercial offer for 12 sets.

We also checked their on-line expert on the site. We were answered in a couple of minutes after our request. It is quite clear that there are special people in LASERWAR Company who work in this direction. 8 out of 10 for technical support. We bring down our assessment for waiting for the answer of the on-line consultant. 

:: Conclusion ::

The average score is 8 points. Good equipment, excellent technical support, the pleasant design of the site make Cybertag a memorable sample against the pale and unconvincing opponents. There are some drawbacks, which are to be corrected. If the company does not give up working in this direction, it will become competitive not only in Russia, but even world-wide.

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